Episode #1

Breakfast Bites

Warm and tender – filled with ham, bacon and cheddar cheese for a delicious breakfast your family and friends will love!

Crock Pot Chocolate Cake

Luscious and chocolaty! This easy “fix it and forget it” cake will be an instant hit with everybody!

Tangy Honey Glazed Ham

The sweet and tangy glaze keeps your ham moist and succulent, try this dish as your next holiday meal centerpiece!

Fruit Cocktail Salad (Diabetic)

A light fruit salad, low in sugar. This salad is perfect for a diabetic menu or someone that is watching their caloric intake.

Episode #2

Pumpkin Pancakes

These gently spiced pancakes will warm you up nicely on a chilly morning!

Fudge Sundae Pie

Your family and guests will love this yummy pie and you can change it up just by switching the ice cream flavor.

Pork Tenderloin with Peaches and Pecan Sauce

When you want to do something different with pork, try this combination – it’s sweet and savory!

Easy Greek Salad

Here is a salad that would be great with grilled steak or chicken. Try changing it up a bit by adding different veggies or black olives.

Episode #3

Apple Spice Drink

apple spice

This easy to make beverage is like drinking apple pie a la mode! YUMMMM!

Au Gratin Sausage Skillet

Au Gratin Sausage Skillet

This is a great “all in one” dish – meat, potatoes and vegetables simmered together and topped with cheese.

Cookies and Cream Pudding Pops

Cookie and Cream Pudding Pops

Have the kids help make these on a hot summer day and watch the smiles!!!!

Deviled Eggs A La Shrimp

Deviled Eggs A La Shrimp

An elegant but easy appetizer, deviled eggs – all dressed up for the party!

Episode #4

Cheesy Bacon Potatoes

Cheese Bacon Potatoes

Here is a wonderful recipe for a hearty side dish that is sure to please. Cheese and bacon – what could be better?

Summer Smoothie

Summer Smoothie

You can try this out anytime of the year – it’s light and refreshing.

One Dish Meal

One Dish Meal

When you don’t want to fire up the oven for dinner, try this skillet meal – everything is in there, all in one dish!

Mini Ham Quiches

Mini Ham Quiches

Who knew quiches could be so fast and easy? These are fun for appetizers or a hearty breakfast for little fingers.

Episode #5

Peanut Butter Temptations

Peanut Butter Addictions

These are going to have you sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night to nibble – they are THAT  amazingly good!!

Lemon Cauliflower

Light Lemon Cauliflower

This is a light side dish that goes with everything.

Chicken Parmesan

Chicken Parmesan

Here is a meal that smells so great everyone will be sitting at the table before it’s ready! Serve it with fresh hot garlic bread.

Sour Cream Banana Bread

Banana Sour Cream Bread

Sweet and moist, this recipe makes three large loaves and freezes beautifully.  Try adding chocolate chips, mmmm!

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